Frequently Asked Questions

Will your synthetic turf withstand seasonal weather changes?

    Synthetic turf from Challenger Industries is built to last through the changing seasons. Our synthetic sports turf and synthetic grass is durable, holding up to its original properties through hot summers and cold winters. Rain or shine, this turf will go the distance. Our synthetic putting greens mimic the look and feel of real grass providing you with the best golf practice zone for your residential or commercial area.

    synthetic artificial turf

    Our product is great for your football or soccer field at your high school, college campus, or professional ballpark. We’re also a leading manufacturer of baseball mats, golf mats and artificial landscape turf. EnvyLawn by Challenger Industries is the #1 name and product line for synthetic turf in golf and landscape applications. EnvyLawn premium synthetic grass is perfect for both residential and commercial areas. EnvyLawn synthetic putting greens and landscape synthetic sports turf products are engineered for the most realistic performance and wear ability.

    Whether you need turf for your backyard lawn, golf green, playground, or sports field, including football and soccer, or even baseball mats our company has the product for you. We make it easy for you to get the perfect fit from the best manufacturer of synthetic turf products. Challenger has been a major manufacturer for synthetic sports turf for over 20 years. Our synthetic grass products, DURAPlay and Player’s Choice are crafted specifically for soccer, football, baseball, and other sports field uses.

    We manufacturer synthetic turf products for both indoor and outdoor use. You can even build your at home golf practice area when you use our synthetic putting greens turf and grass. These synthetic turf and synthetic grass products will last swing after swing! Whether you’re getting synthetic sports turf for your football, soccer or baseball fields or synthetic putting greens for your golf practice, we’re the best manufacturer for your sports arena. Let us supply you with one of our synthetic putting greens so you can be the envy of the neighborhood!

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