Frequently Asked Questions

What are DURAPlay synthetic turf golf mats made from?

    Golf mats for residential and commercial tee areas! Our artificial grass golf practice mats and golf driving range mats are made from the finest synthetic fibers on the market. When you purchase one of our golf hitting mats to practice your chipping, you’ll get a synthetic turf that resembles the look and feel of real grass.

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    Our mats for backyards or commercial hitting areas are made from 100 % nylon or polypropylene fibers and are built to last. DURAPlay golf mats are weather resistant and are manufactured with attached cushion for swing and club shock absorption. Whether you buy golf practice mats, golf driving mats, or residential golf hitting mats, DURAPlay golf mats by Challenger Industries has a solution for you. Each of our golf practice mats comes equipped with rubber tee and constructed using realistic artificial grass fibers. Perfect for indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential backyard chipping use, DURAPlay premium mats are the answer.

    Founded in 1983, Challenger Industries has been perfecting the construction of practice mats, golf driving range mats and residential golf hitting mats for over 20 years. For backyard applications we make both nylon and polypropylene mats. These artificial golf mats are manufactured with 5/8, 7/8, or 5 mm cushion backing for club impact absorption. Practice chipping or use your new surface as a tee line rain or shine!

    Golf mats by Challenger are your source for commercial or residential grade golf practice mats, golf driving mats and golf hitting mats. Sharpen your chipping skills from tee to green by utilizing DURAPlay artificial turf mats in your backyard or at the driving range!

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